Online Fruit Machine FAQ

When you start to play fruit machines online a few questions might bother you. Here you will find a small online fruit machine gambling guide especially targeted to give you an idea of how to play online fruit machines.

Where can I play fruit machines online?

There are several online casinos where you can play fruit machines online. Casino Euro or Casino Splendido offer a wide range of fruit machines and slots online. For all the Casinos and online fruit machines we have reviewed check out or Casino and Fruit machine Reviews.

Does playing online pay off?

It definitely does! First of all, online payout percentages are dramatically better than you will find in any a pub or club. In the UK stationary fruit machines are set to pay back only 71% of your bets while online the number averages 96%. This makes a huge difference, especially if you are a frequent player.

Are online casinos trustworthy?

Yes, all of the online casinos that are being reviewed by us have their payouts audited by a third party company on a regular basis. The casinos offer special links to those reports or indicate the auditing body clearly on their main page.

How much can I win online?

Again, online jackpots are way better than those of stationary fruit machines. It is not unusual to find jackpots of up to £20,000 online! Try to find this at “The Kings Head” around the corner… Additionally the betting options are much better online: Most online fruit machines let you play for as little as 10p or as much as £10. Frequent wins of more than £1,000 or even hitting the jackpot is not unusual while playing online.

How do I make deposits and cash my winnings?

All of the online casinos we have listed here at feature a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options. Check here for more detailed info on buying credits and withdrawal options.

Can I also play for free?

Most of the games we have reviewed can be played for either real money or for free in guest mode. We highly recommend playing free fruit machines before making a real deposit. Only by playing you learn all the skills necessary to enjoy the game and win! Remember: Most casinos offer bonuses when playing for real money.

Ah, yes: Why are there bonuses anyway?

Because casinos want you to stay once you’re at their site. Competition among online casinos is so fierce that they offer bonuses to new players to give you an incentive to try them out. Most of the casinos also offer monthly bonuses to make you hang around for a longer time. Of course, this is also self serving for them: You will actually have to play with the bonuses. You cannot simply cash them and leave.

Are there any cheats for online fruit machines?

No. We have been playing fruit machines online for quite some time now and there is no other way to say it: You cannot cheat them! There are some tips, however, which we refer to in our fruit machine tips. The biggest tip we can give is to play sanely and to read all the instructions before you start.