A Guide To Playing Online Fruit Machines

If you are a regular fruit machine player at your local pub or club but have not yet tried playing fruit machines online then this little guide of ours should help you to get started. Thorough reading is recommended.

Choosing an Online Casino

At the moment there are an estimated 1,000 online casinos available provided by companies all around the world. However, not all of them have fruit machine and an even smaller number of them are reputable. All the casinos which are promoted on fruitmachinesonline.org are tested by our experienced team of online gamblers and found safe and honest. They are licensed, have fair games and are highly reputable. We have played at them and have withdrawn our winnings with no problems.

Joining a Casino

Once you have selected an online casino you need to open an account. Obviously you have to be at least18 years to be able to gamble online. If you are underage don’t even try. Most casinos will ask for some kind of proof of age anyway. Opening an account is different from casino to casino but in most cases you simply enter you details such as name and address and go from there. At some casinos you will have to download free software, some offer flash versions, enabling you to play instantly without having to download a satellite and risking the misses finding out where you’re carrying the household money… If you encounter problems, all the casinos here have excellent 24/7 support.

Making a Deposit

Unlike at a your local pub you cannot simply insert coins into an online fruit machine. First you will have to make a deposit at the site in order to buy credits. At most casinos purchases of a couple of quid are already possible, however not recommended due to transaction costs. Once purchased, the playing money will stay in your account until either you withdraw it or you lose it. Most casinos (such as those listed on this site) will also offer you bonuses for your initial deposit and additional ones for your loyalty over time. Please refer to our FAQ and to payment methods for more information on this matter.

Claiming Your Welcome Bonus

Almost all online casinos offer you welcome and loyalty bonuses. Welcome bonuses are a certain percentage extra on your first deposit, while loyalty bonuses normally consist of a specified amount which will be deposited at your account or a certain number of free games. It is worth mentioning that you normally cannot withdraw this bonuses straight away. You will have to play with them and earn winnings before you can make a payout. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your casino before you join. In any case, most bonuses are worth claiming, once you decided to join an online casino and actually play.

Playing the Fruit Machines

Now that you have money in your account you are ready to play. Simply select the game you want to play and the software will load. Depending on your bandwidth at home this may take a couple of seconds or a few minutes. Now, it is strongly recommended to read the instructions and the payment tables of your selected choice. Don’t just start playing away, since this way you may miss out on opportunities like jackpots and such the game might offer. Once you feel secure, start betting and enjoy the game. If you’re lucky you might bring home the jackpot tonight…

Withdrawing Your Winnings

With fortune on your side you make a big win. Now, how do you change this virtual win into readies? Each online casino has a slightly different payment method but normally there is a “bank” or “teller’ button at the top or the bottom of the site. Press on it and chose your preferred withdrawal method. Please refer also to our payment methods section. Here we give valuable information also on withdrawing money.

One Last Thing…

One thing that you should always keep in mind when gambling is the fact that any game is a game of pure chance! Once you win and once you lose. Also gambling should always stay a game of fun, not desperation. Never ever try to earn your next car through gambling or even gamble with your household money! Only if you see it as a game and don’t count on possible wins to pay your recent game, you play sane and will get value for your money.